About us

Thanks for visiting our webshop for the best European Organic Formula

Our business started beginning of 2015 in a very small scale as some of our friends living in Canada were asking if we can provide them with Holle baby formula, which was hard to get there. So we sent some boxes to Canada and very quickly more and more people were asking if we can supply them. All this was done by email and whatsapp at that time.

In September 2015 we decided to expand the business and opened this webshop. My-german-depot.com was born !
Today we ship formula to various contries in the world, but the majority of our customers are coming from North America.

My-german-depot carries a huge stock to have Holle, Lebenswert and HiPP formula in all stages available for you. We get weekly supplies from our wholesalers and have the freshest batches available for you. The expiry dates of all our products are visible in the product listings.

We would be very glad to supply you with European organic formula.

Merle Petrich & Oliver Zühlke