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Lebenswert Organic Infant Formula Stage 1 (10 boxes)

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  • LW1-10
  • 04/2021
  • 176.3 oz / 5.0 kg
★  10 sealed boxes of Lebenswert organic infant formula Stage 1 ★  ...


Product information "Lebenswert Organic Infant Formula Stage 1 (10 boxes)"

 10 sealed boxes of Lebenswert organic infant formula Stage 1
 containing 176.3 oz / 5.0 kg for approx. 1,250 fl oz / 37 liter of mixed formula
 English preparation instructions are stated below & will be provided by email

Lebenswert organic infant formula Stage 1 is made by Holle. The milk comes exclusively from organic farmers, whose species-appropriate stock breeding follows the strict guidelines of Bioland farming. In this farming, man, animal and land are valued and respected. The organic Bioland farmers stand for species-appropriate stock breeding, plant protection and soil fertilisation without using chemicals or synthetic agents and careful management of soil’s fertility. Producing under this requirements is sustainable and preserves nature.
The preparation is easy and done in minutes. Just mix boiled water and formula and shake well.
This formula is suitable from birth onwards or if changing from breastfeeding.


Skimmed milk*, whey product (partly demineralised whey powder)*, vegetable oils* (palm oil*, rapeseed oil*, sunflower oil*), lactose*, calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, vitamin C, calcium hydroxide, sodium chloride, iron gluconate, vitamin E, zinc sulfate, niacin, calcium pantothenate, copper sulfate, vitamin B1, vitamin A, vitamin B6, folic acid, potassium iodate, manganese sulphate, vitamin K1, sodium selenate, vitamin D
*from organic farming

Preparation instructions:

  1. For proper sterilization of the bottle, teat and ring boil them for 3-5 minutes
  2. Boil water freshly before each meal and allow to cool down to about 50°C ( 122°F )
  3. Fill the bottle with about half of the required quantity of boiled water ( see feeding chart )
  4. Fill the enclosed measuring spoon loosely with powder and level it with the back of a knife
  5. Add the correct number of level measuring spoons with powder to the bottle ( see feeding chart )
  6. Close the bottle and shake thoroughly. Add remaining boiled water and shake well again
  7. Allow to cool down to approximately 37°C ( 98.6°F ) before feeding

Feeding chart:



Bottles per day

Prepared product
( ml / US fl oz )

Measuring spoons

Boiled water
( ml / US fl oz )

1st week

according to the doctor's instructions

2nd - 4th week


105 / 3.55


95 / 3.20

2nd month


135 / 4.55


125 / 4.25

3rd - 4th month


170 / 5.75


155 / 5.25

5th - 6th month


205 / 6.95


190 / 6.45

  • The indicated drinking amounts and the number of bottles per day are for guidance only.
  • Pay attention to the individual needs of your baby
  • 1 level measuring spoon = 4.6 g / 0.162 oz

Important notice:

  • Observe the preparation instructions and the dosage ratio exactly to ensure that your baby always gets the nutrients it needs.
  • For the preparation only use the included measuring spoon.
  • Improper preparation and storage can lead to health problems.
  • Prepare the food always freshly and do not use residual amounts again.
  • Do not heat formula in the microwave (risk of scalding).
  • Take care of dental care from the very first tooth on and do not leave the bottle with your child to avoid continuous sucking.
  • After opening the pouch keep it tightly covered, store in a dry area and use the content within 2 weeks.
  • Stored in a dry and cool place the original sealed pouch can be used until the expiry date which is printed at the bottom of the box as well as on the pouch itself.
    The expiry date is in European format  ( DD/MM/YYYY )

Nutritional facts of Lebenswert organic infant formula Stage 1

  per 100g product per 100ml prepared product
Energy 2084 kJ / 498 kcal 275 kJ / 66 kcal
Fat 23.7 g 3.1 g
- of which saturates 8.2 g 1.1 g
- of which monounsaturates 10.3 g 1.4 g
- of which polyunsaturates 4.9 g 0.6 g
Carbohydrates 59.7 g 7.9 g
- of which sugar* 59.7 g 7.9 g
- of which starch 0.0 g 0.0 g
Fibre 0,0 g 0.0 g
Protein 11.3 g 1.5 g
Salt 0.5 g 0.07 g
Vitamin A 400 µg 53 µg
Vitamin D 7.5 µg 1.0 µg
Vitamin E 15.0 mg 2.0 mg
Vitamin K 62 µg 8.2 µg
Vitamin C 115 mg 15 mg
Vitamin B1 0.67 mg 0.09 mg
Vitamin B2 1.9 mg 0.25 mg
Niacin 5.0 mg 0.66 mg
Vitamin B6 0.57 mg 0.08 mg
Folic Acid 154 µg 20 µg
Vitamin B12 1.6 µg 0.21 µg
Biotin 14 µg 1.8 µg
Pantothenic Acid 4.0 mg 0.53 mg
Sodium 0.2 g 0.03 g
Potassium 720 mg 95 mg
Chloride 345 mg 46 mg
Calcium 475 mg 63 mg
Phosphorus 330 mg 44 mg
Magnesium 55 mg 7.3 mg
Iron 5.2 mg 0.7 mg
Zinc 3.1 mg 0.41 mg
Copper 0.31 mg 0.041 mg
Manganese 0.06 mg 0.008 mg
Flouride 0.06 mg 0.008 mg
Selenium 15 µg 2.0 µg
Iodine 120 µg 16 µg
Choline 89 mg 12 mg
Inositol 40 mg 5.3 mg

* contains naturally occurring sugar ( no added sugar )

All indications on this site without engagement, subject to modifications.


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Product reviews for "Lebenswert Organic Infant Formula Stage 1 (10 boxes)"
17 Feb 2020

Best baby formula

Our baby went from having crazy blow out diarrhea every bowel movement to having the healthy, seedy yellow poop immediately after switching to this Libenswert formula. When we give him the ready made different brand name formula now when travelling, he spits it out and gives us a disgusted look!!! Lol!!!

30 Dec 2019

Nothing but rave reviews

Before my first baby was born I ordered a few boxes of Lebenswert just in case my milk didn’t come in right away, as I had read lots of reviews that it’s the closest to breastmilk and the baby typically won’t develop a preference. Additionally, many reviews on other sites noted that babies didn’t tend to have gas or colic, which a new parent is always afraid of. The ingredient list makes me feel good, and I love supporting sustainable, organic farming practices in a country with responsible regulations on what goes into baby formula. Once my son was born, my milk never let down so he ended up being exclusively Lebenswert-fed. He loved the formula and never had an issue. Thank you, Lebenswert and thank you to the team at my-German-Depot.com for excellent service always.

7 May 2019

Excellent Formula

This formula is excellent. The ingredient list are organic and the safest for any infant. My wife breastfeeds and supplements with his formula and it has not interfered with his digestion and the consistency and taste are almost like her breastmilk (she says). Good product!

5 Mar 2019

Safest & best product on the formula market

Highly recommend this brand as we tried several formulas and they all made the baby fussy & colicy. Finally this formula helped alleviate symptoms that bothered my infant. I just wish it had some probiotics added to it as my baby was a C-section baby & c-sec babies have lower natural probiotics. Anyways started adding my own probiotics to 1 feeding every 24 hours. I’ve use Mommy bliss probiotics & it’s done wonders with this combination.

26 Jul 2018

Great product and excellent customer service!

I ordered Lebenswert stage 1 for my newborn baby and she loves it. Before ordering from this website I ordered from another one and I can assure you the rates here are so much better!
I'd also like to give a shout out to Oliver and merle who responded to my queries super fast. I've had a great experience dealing with these guys. Just ordered another 20 boxes.

13 Mar 2018

Can’t beat it

Fast delivery of a great product. They have the best prices and great customer service. Highly recommend ordering through mygermandepot

28 Feb 2018

Happy baby, great price, excellent organic formula - just read the ingredient list and compare.

Everyone is very happy with this formula in our home. Due to struggles with breastfeeding, we had to find a suitable organic formula. Tested an organic brand from we found at the grocery store in an emergency but discovered the ingredients were heavy in various forms of sugars.

This formula came recommend to us. It dissolves more completely making it easier to digest and doesn't foam up like the other organic one we tried. And of course, the real result is a happy healthy baby that is putting on weight without the 'windy fuss' caused by the other brand.

The prices at My German Depot are the best we could find - especially when ordering in bulk. The only issue is the slightly longer shipping times but this is clearly explained in the ordering process - so no surprises and expectations met in that regard. Cheers!

29 Nov 2017

Excellent formula!

This brand is wonderful and the closest to breast milk that I have found. No gass or stomach issues and actually smells nice unlike most north American brands. Other than lactose to sweeten the formula no added sugar and no soy or corn syrup. It typically takes 10 days to be delivered and always packed really well.

14 Nov 2017

Excellent formula

Excellent product. My kid feels very comfortable after drinking it and sleeps well at night. No colic, no pains easilly digested

28 Oct 2017

Great Product, Very Good Price!

Love this product, very easy to mix -- much easier than US brand formulas, baby has no issues with texture and has never been overly gassy. Very happy with the prices offered by my-german-depot, shipping to the US takes ~1 week but with proper planning this has worked out great for our family!

27 Sep 2017

This is a wonderful formula !

Since we use it our little one has no longer tummy issues. We will definitely keep on giving this Lebenswert formula.

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