Frequently asked questions

Here you'll find the answers to the most common questions of our customers.

How can I prepare formula while travelling ?

We always recommend to prepare a fresh feed like you do it at home once it is needed, but that's not always possible.
Journeys less than 2 hours
Prepare feeds as usual before you leave and put them in a fridge at 41°F / 5°C or less.
Just before you leave home, take out the prepared feeds from the fridge and and put them in an insulated cool bag with ice packs.
When arriving put the feeds back in the fridge and heat them up once they are needed.
Please make sure that these feeds will be consumed within 12 hours after preparation.

Journeys longer than 2 hours
For journeys longer than 2 hours or when you don't have the possibility to keep the feeds cold, it is not safe to prepare feeds in advance.
The safest way is to prepare a fresh feed using water which is hotter than 158°F / 70°C.
If you don't have access to hot water during your journey we suggest to fill boiled water in a thermos flask and seal it. It remains above 158°F / 70°C for several hours. You can use the water to prepare a bottle feed when it's needed.
We suggest to check in advance how long your thermos flask keeps boiled water above 158°F / 70°C !
Please wash and rinse the thermos flask with boiled water before filling it with the boiled water you want to use to make the feeds.