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Why are different Stages of formula available ?

European infant formulas are divided into different stages. There are Stage 1 and PRE formulas specifically designed for the first 6 months (as of birth) and follow-on formulas like Stage 2 for babies after the 6th month and which are already getting a complementary diet.
Stage 1 and PRE formulas are designed to fully meet the baby's needs for the first six months and can therefore be used as the only nutrition during that period.
The PRE formulas contain, like breastmilk, only natural milk sugar (lactose) as carbohydrate. They don’t contain starch or maltodextrin.

A follow-on formula (Stage 2) can be given after the 6th month AND in combination with complementary food.
The energy content of a follow-on formula hardly differs from Stage 1 or PRE formulas in order to meet the latest EU standards.
Nevertheless, there are important differences, especially with regard to nutrients for which a significantly higher demand exists when the baby is already 6 month or older. Follow-on formulas also have, compared to Stage 1 or PRE formulas, a higher iron content.

A Stage 3 formula can be served if the baby is at least 10 months old.