What is the advantage of European organic infant formula ?
They are certified organic products made from 99% organically grown ingredients. Holle & Lebenswert only use cow's milk from cows raised on biodynamic farms in caring environments. This results in a top quality organic infant formula that complies with the strictest European standards, giving your baby the best that formula can provide.

European certified organic products have to be free from GMO (genetically modified organisms) , DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and ARA (arachidonic acid). They also do not contain added flouride, soy, corn- or rice syrup, chemical additives, added sugars, preservatives or colorants.

Why are your prices more competitive compared to other sellers ?
We are located in Germany and ship from here worldwide. We have an optimized supply chain and buy the formula in bulk. Furthermore we get very good rates from German Post & DHL Express for shipping to overseas. This advantage we pass on to you so that you get the original HOLLE , Lebenswert or HIPP formula at lowest possible prices.

What is the difference between Holle & Lebenswert ?
Lebenswert Stage 1 does not contain maltodextrin, instead it contains lactose. The other difference is that Lebenswert is certified organic by Bioland instead of Holle which is certified by Demeter. Both are very reputable companies having their own high organic standards. 

How do I prepare the formula ?
Just click on the product and you'll find the preparation instructions for this particular product including the nutrition facts.
Furthermore you'll also get the preparation instructions after purchasing by email together with your shipping details.

Is it necessary to boil the water ?
Any kind of infant formula is never sterile. Boiling the water is important as it sterilizes the infant formula and kills any microorganisms that may be present in the formula. This is particularly important for premature babies and immunocompromised babies

What is the expiration date of the formula you offer ?
The expiry date of each product is stated in the product description. On the product itself you find the expiry date written at the bottom of the box in European format DD/MM/YYYY  ( Example: 07.01.2020 = 7th January 2020 )

How long can I use the formula after a pouch has been opened ?
Please consume the Holle & Lebenswert formula within 2 week after opening the pouch. HiPP recommends not to store an opened pouch for more than 3 weeks.
After that time please discard the formula and use a new pouch.

How many fl oz or liters can I get from one box of formula ?
This depends on the brand and stage you actually want to use. Below please find the approximate qty. per box.
Holle Stage 1 / Holle PRE / Holle goat = 100 fl oz / 3 litre
Holle Stage 2 - 4: = 140 fl oz / 4.25 litre
Lebenswert  1-3  = 115 fl oz / 3.50 litre
HiPP Combiotic 1-3 = 140 fl oz / 4.25 litre
We have also stated in our product descriptions how many fl oz or liters you can approximately get.

Which payment options do you offer ?
You can use Paypal or pay by Credit Card. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Amex

In which currency are you offering ?
Our standard currency is US$ but our Canadian customers are most welcome to change the currency to C$.

How to change the currency ?
On a PC or tablet computer:
On top right side of each webpage you can switch easily from US$ to C$ and vice versa
On a mobile device:
Use the menu button on our homepage and change from US$ to C$ and vice versa