Frequently asked questions

Here you'll find the answers to the most common questions of our customers.

Top 3 FAQs

1. What is the expiration date of the formula you offer ?

The actual expiry date of each product is stated in the product description.
On the product itself you find the expiry date written at the bottom of the box in European format DD/MM/YYYY  ( Example: 01.04.2020 = 1st April 2020 )

2. How many fl oz or liters can I get from one box of formula ?

This depends on the brand and stage you actually want to use. Below please find the approximate qty. per box.
Holle Stage 1 / Holle PRE / Holle goat = 100 fl oz / 3 litre
Holle Stage 2 - 4: = 140 fl oz / 4.25 litre
Lebenswert  1-3  = 115 fl oz / 3.50 litre
HiPP Combiotic 1-3 = 140 fl oz / 4.25 litre
We have also stated in our product descriptions how many fl oz or liters you can approximately get.

3. How do I prepare the formula ?

Just click on the product and you'll find the preparation instructions for this particular product including the nutrition facts.
Furthermore you'll also get the preparation instructions after purchasing by email together with your shipping details.

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