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HOLLE is one of the oldest manufacturers of organic baby food in the world. Established over 80 years ago, they offer a wide range of certified organic products like infant formula of cow- and goat milk, porridges, rusks or biscuits.

Since the very beginning they have focused on naturalness. The use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers are strictly prohibited.

The manufacturing of the Holle infant formulas and baby porridges takes place in Germany & Austria. The grain used for the formulas and porridges grow in healthy soil on certified biodynamic farms in Germany ( Germany & Austria for Lebenswert formulas ).

The milk used for these formulas comes from grass fed cows & goats. These animals are not treated with hormones and antibiotics and have a carefree life which results in healthier milk production.

All this guarantees to have the best quality being tasty and full of nutrition which is very important for babies and children.

HiPP is one of the major European baby food manufacturers with an experience of over 50 years. Most of their products are certified organic and do not contain any genetically modified organism (GMO) .

They produce their Combiotic organic infant formula with long chain polyunsatured fatty acids ( Omega 3 & 6 LCP ), also known as DHA and AA.


Key facts of HOLLE & Lebenswert formula

  • produced according to highest European Organic standards (99% organic )
  • superior quality of ingredients compared to other leading brands
  • NO use of : added sugar, gluten, colorants, wheat, preservatives
  • Does NOT contain: corn or rice syrup , DHA , ARA
  • German organic food law does not allow genetic engineering ( GMO free )

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  • shipment directly from Germany to USA , Canada and other countries
  • standard shipping & expedited shipping available
  • all products available at any time and only the freshest batches
  • we mention the expiry date of each formula
  • payment in US$ or Canadian Dollars C$


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