HIPP Combiotic 2

HIPP Combiotic Stage 2 organic infant formula

We have sets with 8 and 16 boxes of HIPP Combiotic Infant Formula Stage 2 available for you

This gentle organic follow on milk is specially formulated using only the finest organic milk. It contains iron for cognitive development, vitamin A,C and D for a healthy immune system and prebiotic dietary fibers (GOS) for a healthy intestinal flora. Omega 3 fatty acids are important for the development of the brain- and neural cells. It also contains other important vitamins and minerals (as required by law).

  • suitable as of the 6th month or if changing from breastfeeding
  • each box 600g / 21.1 oz for approx. 145 fl oz of mixed formula 
  • easy to digest
  • gluten-free
  • no added sugar
  • ideal for feeding in a bottle
  • preparation is easy and done in minutes; just mix boiled water and formula and shake well
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